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Our aim is to encourage the use of broadband in Ireland.

Here you will find information about many of the methods to connect to the internet, how they work, what they do and what they cost. This should aid in choosing a service. We will also provide information about why you might want to choose broadband and hopefully include articles submitted by users around the country.
To start you may want to browse the links to the left. Alternatively, you could take a look here, which will get you going.

What are my options?
You may have more than you think. Take a look at the pricing and information page and make sure you are currently getting the best deal you can based on your internet usage. You may save money by switching provider as they all have different plans despite being based on similar packages. You may also save by upgrading from per minute dialup to flat rate or an always on, high speed connection. Perhaps you could sign up for DSL if available to you or some of the wireless providers in the larger cities.


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