Future Plans

These are some future plans for the site. They will probably happen sooner with your help!

We wanted to lay out some of our plans here so you are aware of what the site will hopefully become in time. We are very serious about making this site the default place to go in Ireland when you need information.

Interactive Map;

This would be the ideal way for prospective users to find out what is available in their area. We believe that the biggest challenge here will be licensing issues for a decent Irish map and a database like the Geo Directory. The map would also be a reference point for community based activity in your area, including IrishWAN and other initiatives if applicable.

Connection Sharing;

Some of the providers are happy to have users share their services. We would like to maximise the potential of this for people. We want your help to document instances where you have done this or if you have the expertise to write a piece on how to do this. We might help to make it easier for the less technically inclined to get broadband in this way.

Wireless Networking;

We think that the 802.11 technologies, WiFi and its cousins should get some special attention. The possibilities are endless. We are open to suggestion. This section will of course overlap with others.

Wide Area Networking;

This is basically where distributed offices are linked together using a network. The more traditional way of doing this was to buy dedicated, private links between premises. A new approach, gaining popularity is to use the public internet to link premises by setting up virtual private networks (VPNís) over the network. Either way, there are multiple uses of broadband in this area.

User Profiles;

It would be very useful to have people register on the site. You would include as much detail as you are comfortable providing. We would use the information to better understand Ireland and its internet population. We would not under any circumstances use your specific information for any purposes which would compromise your privacy. We would be able to send out e-newsletters and to periodically request your feedback on specific issues. Remember, the site will be far more useful if your feedback is included.

User Reviews;

We would like to have a facility to allow you to comment on the service you have been using. This would greatly enhance the ability of the site to help people make their decisions about which service to use. We would probably want you to write a short review based on a number of key points and then score the service out of ten in several areas.


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