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Where are they?

This is one area where swift progress is being made. Almost weekly, the providers are announcing new hotspot locations around the country.

For now, this isn't the easiest page to use. We intend to have an easily searchable database shortly. There will also be an option to input information about your experience with using any particular hotspot.

A long term objective for this is to have a clickable map that will list hotspots close to the area selected.

Hotspot Providers; Please work harder on coming to a roaming arrangement. We believe that a more reasonable monthly tarriff in addition to the roaming ability will increase traffic exponentially. A reasonable monthly tarriff would be in the order of €30 to €40.

Lastly, if you know of a hotspot that isn't on the page, please let us know as it will help everybody.

Current Hotspot Locations in Ireland

BT Openzone (

Access is charged at €10 for an hour or €24 for twenty-four hours. A monthly option is available for €120 + vat. Prepaid scratch cards are available at some locations.

Dun Laoghaire Ferry Terminal
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

Morgan Hotel
Fleet Street
Dublin 2

Cassidys Hotel
Cavendish Row
Upper O Connell Street
Dublin 1

Insomnia Café
8 Merrion Road
Dublin 4
Phone: +353 1 634 9921

Insomnia Café
4 Harcourt Hall
Charlotte Way
Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 475 2255

Insomnia Café
4 St Stephens Green
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 671 8651

Insomnia Café
20 Upper Baggot Street
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 1 672 1806

The Schoolhouse Hotel
2-8 Northumberland road
Dublin 4
Tel. +353 1 614 4733

Esat BT Building
Grand Canal Plaza

Insomnia Café
Hughes & Hughes Bookstore
Shopping Centre
Headford Road
Phone: +353 915 61773

Imperial Hotel

Kilashee House Hotel

Tower Hotel

University of Limerick

O2 (

Access is charged at €10 for an hour and €20 for 24 hours. O2 also has various plans for its mobile customers. Prepaid scratch cards are available at most locations.

Bewleys Hotel
Merrion Road
Dublin 4
Tel. +353 1 668 1111

Bewleys Hotel
Newlands Cross
Naas Road
Dublin 22
Tel. +353 1 464 0140

Burlington Hotel
Upper Leeson Street
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 660 5222

Hilton Hotel
Charlemont Place
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 402 9988

Jurys Hotel
Pembroke Road
Dublin 4
Tel. +353 1 660 5000

Shelbourne Hotel
27 St. Stephens Green
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 663 4500

Towers Hotel
Pembroke Road
Dublin 2
Tel. 353 1 667 0033

Westbury Hotel
Grafton Street
Dublin 1
Tel. +353 1 679 1122

Heuston Station (Main Railway Station)
Dublin 8 Tel. +353 1 703 1842

Maryborough House Hotel
Maryborough Hill
Tel. +353 21 436 5555

Westwood House Hotel
Upper Newcastle
Tel. +353 91 521 442

South Court Hotel
Raheen Roundabout
Adare Road
Tel. +353 1 61 487 487

Eircom (

Access is free at the moment as it is in test. We have no information on when the service will become paid. Scratch cards are available at hotel reception.

Alexander Hotel
Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 607 3700

Davenport Hotel
Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 607 3500

Mont Clare Hotel
Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Tel. +353 1 607 3800

Citywest Hotel
Co. Dublin
Tel. +353 1 401 0945

Great Southern Hotel
Dublin Airport
Tel. +353 1

Independent and one offs

Here are a few other locations with varying degrees of access and costs.

Four Seasons Hotel
Dublin 4


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