What are my options?

Here are some scenarios.

Take a look and find the statement that best describes your situation. This should help you to understand your options.

I own a computer but almost never use the internet

In this case, it is unlikely that you have any kind of subscribed service. We suggest that you set up an account with one of the dialup providers. If your computer has a modem installed, it is very straightforward to get on the internet. You can pick up disks for some of the providers or you can call them and they will talk you through setting up an account. If you think you will use the internet for more than a few hours a month, it will be worth signing up for a flat rate package. There are several providers.
You don't need to change anything to avail of one of these packages. All hardware remains the same. If you opt for a different provider to the one you use for per minute dialup, you may want to change your email address to the flat rate provider but it isn't necessary. If you use a free mail account like hotmail or yahoo, no change is necessary either.

I use the internet regularly on a dialup line

If you haven't already done so, you need to sign up for a flat rate package. Dialup costs anywhere from 60c to €3 per hour depending on when you use it. Flat rate packages are available which will probably suit almost everyone and will almost always save money. They also get rid of the clock watching which goes with a per minute tarriff.

I use the internet regularly on an ISDN line

In this case, you may be a business or home office user. You probably had the ISDN line installed for internet access. If you add up the cost of an ISDN line at over €30 per month and your call costs, either flat rate or per minute, the total cost will probably justify the installation of some form of always on, high speed access.

I use a leased line

Leased lines are very expensive compared to most of the recently introduced options. However, a leased line provides one to one bandwidth. That is, you are the only person who has access to the connection you are using. Leased lines are also symmetrical. If this is necessary (and it may be for some) you shouldn't opt for a highly contended service like the DSL and Cable offerings.
Most people don't need this direct one to one bandwidth and had a leased line installed for other reasons like being always on or needing higher speeds than ISDN. IN this case, you should investigate availablility in your area and consider moving over to one of the broadband options. Some of the wireless providers do offer the option for symmetrical one to one bandwidth which will equate to your leased line service but to date, these services are available in a limited number of areas around the country.


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