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From Southern Alberta, Canada.

Our thanks to Linda for kicking off this section of the site. We feel it is important for people to read about how others use broadband. While this is from a different country, the experience translates quite well. Granted Ireland doesn't seem to be as far ahead with the school system but hopefully that will change.

We are a family of 4 living in rural Alberta. We home school our children and I donít know how I could do it without broadband. One of our boys does all his curriculum on line. His teachers correspond with him via email and MSN Messenger. All his lessons are delivered over the internet. His lessons are validated by his teachers two or three times a day and his exams are delivered on line and marked instantly. Our other son is home schooled in a more traditional way, but I couldnít imagine not having the internet for research and resources. We are associated with many home schooling organizations as well as our home school board. We receive instant information, news letters, and updates that keep us well informed of events, courses, seminars, etc. I always feel I am on top of things as my information is always current.

As a family, our boys are involved in many team sports. We are completely paper free. Each team has a website to which we refer to for all scheduling, correspondence, meetings, and parties. As a past Ďphone parentí, I canít tell you how much time this saves and how much more organized we are.

As we are in a rural area, it is not always convenient to do our banking in town. All our banking is done on line and I canít imagine waiting in a bank line up again. I pay all our household bills, credit cards, investment banking in the comfort of my own home with a good cup of coffee in my PJs.

My husband works from home on occasion to avoid traffic. He gains approximately 2 productive hours a day working from home. His is connected to his office via VPN which allows him to connect to his phone system using his PC. Clients or colleagues calling him dial the same number as they would to connect to his downtown office. They have no idea where he is. He can participate in local and long distance calls as well as conference calls with the same functionality as if he was working from the office. Our home phone is not being used and I am then able to use the phone and receive calls while he is working from home. This eliminates the need for a 2nd phone service in our home. My husband is also Ďon callí 24/7 and is able to receive trouble calls and deal with issues from home instead of going into the office. He logs on and can diagnose troubles or use video cameras to evaluate situations from the comfort of our home. If we didnít have broadband, he would have to drive to the office and could possibly use up the better part of a day for a trouble call that realistically is 10 minutes to fix.

If we were to move to a new location, having broadband would be as much of a necessity as electricity and running water. We would never consider a location that would not be able to provide broadband service. Broadband has made our lives more productive and has simplified our home. I canít imagine life without it.

Linda Moore


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